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A family hotel that offers a combination of beautiful Cycladic architecture, high quality facilities proximity to interesting sites, but overall great hospitality!


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The geographic position (middle of the island) make easy and fast the access to all places of interest for the guest. Ideal location also for travelers who want to be near the airport (3 km away) and near the port (7 km away).


High quality facilities in competitive prices. The renovated rooms follow the four-star hotel standard.


Our priority is to meet the needs of the visitor with our hospitality so that the holidays on the island of Santorini and in our hotel will remain memorable!

Hotel Kalisperis
Hotel Kalisperis
Hotel Kalisperis


This small village is located at the center of the island, almost 3 kilometers southeast of the capital Fira,  . so convenient, distance-wise, for visiting the caldera, the beaches, the archaeological sites and all the other places of interest. Vothonas is built in a steep gorge and it catches the eye for its unique, special architecture. The majority of the dwellings are cave houses the villagers built by carving the volcanic rocks. Along with the natural beauty, they form a picturesque settlement you can enjoy by wandering through the charming, narrow alleys. A sense of serenity and privacy pervades the whole village and you can become a part of it by staying in one of the welcoming hotels and guest houses. There are several noticeable churches and chapels in Vothonas that are worth visiting for their distinct architecture and location. At the lowest entrance of the village you will find the church of Agios Roussos, built of pumice stones on a rock.

Another remarkable church is that of Agia Anna, the oldest church of the village (built in 1827), which owns a beautiful pebbly yard. Just outside the village lies the exceptional church of Panagia Sergena that is carved in a big volcanic rock, a fact that makes it an outstanding setting, and used to be a refuge in the past.

Last but not least, you can visit the Wine Museum that is situated 6 meters below ground in a cave. In its fantastic facilities you can follow a palatable journey that involves touring and learning about the history and process of winemaking, a film about the history of Santorini and its tradition in wine production, interesting exhibits and manikins and, of course, a wine-tasting experience.

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